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Sunday, 6 May 2007
Putting it Together in one Place ...
Category: Digital Room

In between all this I did have a few decent pics in my collection and one fine morning I decided to put them all together in a Photo Album. While doing this I used one of my all time favourite software, GIMP and got hooked playing with the pictures.

The picture above, the original taken in the Bengaluru - Krishnagiri highway (NH7) was modified with a different sky and slightly darker road to become the picture on the right. I am still not sure, if the modifications improved the picture ... but one thing for sure ... this is probably were I started developing a real interest in photography.

Another picture I spent so much time on was a picture of my aquarium taken in Aug 2004. The background here was so bad and the glass had a few scratches on it ... May be this is the time I started wondering why I didnt take care of all these while taking the photo! It is another story that I may not have been able to do anything about it at that time ... but I should have atleast noticed that the pictures are not coming the way it should.

A 3rd interesting pic was that of a snake, taken from Silent Valley in March 2005. A slight rotation of the snake to fill the frame better (at the same time removing some distractions), a little higher contrast and color and the picture looked very different. I shud've taken the picture like this only. Isnt it?

All this time, a good picture for me was nothing but a good frame and right colors. It changed slightly when I tried to blur the surroundings of a flower pic. There were too many distractions in most of the pics that I have taken, especially of the flower pics. Sometimes I have not even focused the flower properly or there were hardly any details, especially when the flowers are of brighter colors like yellow or white.

Had I paid a little more attention to the basics, things should have been a little different. But, I still didnt know what basics I was missing! And it took a few more months for me to understand some of the basic things I didnt know about taking photographs. First of all ... I had to try things other than Auto / P and Stitch Assist ... It took a few months patient efforts to improve the way I was taking photos ... and a lot more to go before I can proudly show off my pictures to the best people at it!

Posted by usandeep at 12:07 PM
Updated: Thursday, 27 December 2007 12:23 AM
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